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Artist name: Jeremy Worst … let the world know.

Modern Acrylic Artist Atlanta,ga


Crazy good.

As a queer person of color, my mere existence is an act of rebellion. To have the audacity to take ownership of my body, my gender expression, and whom I choose to love and share my energy with is to declare war. To demand to be treated the way I want to be treated is to declare war against a society that does not want me.

My community, my comrades in war, is the difference between life and death. This community can only be found in our hearts, our fury, our art, our words to each other, and our love for one another.

Admittedly, the process of finding community is not an easy journey. I do not mean to suggest that, but the alternative is not any easier.



also who’s ready for ‘so i herd u liek mudkips’ to return from the ashes of the meme underworld


You are not clingy, or needy, or silly for having needs for affection and affirmation and attention within a romantic relationship. Those needs aren’t an embarrassing outgrowth of your low-self esteem or depression or whatever messy emotional issues you may have going on, that’s just basic shit that people need from each other. We of course should not make our partners responsible for meeting all of our emotional needs – it’s not someone’s else’s job to make you happy. But inside a healthy relationship, being able to show affection, pay attention, and demonstrate “you are amazing and important to me” is a pleasure, not some task or burden.
— Jennifer Peepas (via psych-quotes)


I only want people in my life who want me just as badly back. 

can we talk about the phrase “earn a living” and how deeply fucked up the idea we’re expected to justify our existence through work and wages is though?

I am not superwoman. My mother is not superwoman. My mother’s mother is not superwoman. I am, we are, soft. Can shatter. Crumble in your hands. Our survival does not mean we prosper. We are like other women but unlike them. So do not tell us we can handle anything. We only seem like superwoman, a figment of your imagination, because you have forced our lives to be perpetual labor with only seconds of relief. If we carry the world on our shoulders and the children on our backs, what are we but your glorified mules slapped with guilt praises of perseverance and strength. Our bones and our blood and our sweat have built the wealth of nations. Our burial should not be the first time we rest.
— Yasmin Mohamed Yonis (via navigatethestream)





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Fuck Yeah Queer Latin@s in Music!

  1. Rita Indiana y Los Misterios - “El Juidero”
    The debut album of the Santo Domingo based band, lead by lesbian afrodominicana singer Rita Indiana.

  2. Ricky Martin - “Música + Alma + Sexo”
    The latest musical release by the world famous Puerto Rican pop star, who in 2010 came out as proudly gay.

  3. Javiera Mena - “Mena”
    The sophomore album of the lesbian Chilean indie electropop artist who has become a favorite among Latin American indie music fans.

  4. StormMiguel Florez - “Long Lost Sun”
    The second full length album released by the trans Chicano cantador. He describes it as “sweet and haunting maricon/a folk rock”

  5. Nina Sky - “Nicole & Natalie”
    The third and most recent studio album by the island-born, mainlaind-raised Puerto Rican twins. The album includes production/mixing by openly lesbian DJ Ni* Sky (Nicole Albino)

  6. Zemmoa - “Puro desamor, vol 1”
    The first studio album by the trans mexicana nightlife and fashion socialite.

  7. Chavela Vargas - “Chavela At Carnegie Hall”
    Recorded during her sold-out show on September 15, 2003 at the legendary New York City hall, this album captures the emotive magic found in the voice of the late great Costa Rican ranchera singer.

  8. Cazuza - “Burguesia”
    The last studio album by the openly bisexual Brazilian singer and former vocalist of Barão Vermelho. The double album was recorded while the singer was already weak from an advanced stage of AIDS. 

  9. Lisa M - “Respect”The latest release by Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and “Queen of Spanish Rap” who came out as lesbian via Facebook in 2010.


FBI pressured Muslims into committing terrorist acts, then arrested them: report | Raw Story

July 21 2014

The FBI encouraged and sometimes even paid Muslims to commit terrorist acts during numerous sting operations after the 9/11 attacks, a human rights group said in a report published Monday.

“Far from protecting Americans, including American Muslims, from the threat of terrorism, the policies documented in this report have diverted law enforcement from pursuing real threats,” said the report by Human Rights Watch.

Aided by Columbia University Law School’s Human Rights Institute, Human Rights Watch examined 27 cases from investigation through trial, interviewing 215 people, including those charged or convicted in terrorism cases, their relatives, defense lawyers, prosecutors and judges.

“In some cases the FBI may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by suggesting the idea of taking terrorist action or encouraging the target to act,” the report said.

In the cases reviewed, half the convictions resulted from a sting operation, and in 30 percent of those cases the undercover agent played an active role in the plot.

“Americans have been told that their government is keeping them safe by preventing and prosecuting terrorism inside the US,” said Andrea Prasow, the rights group’s deputy Washington director.

“But take a closer look and you realize that many of these people would never have committed a crime if not for law enforcement encouraging, pressuring and sometimes paying them to commit terrorist acts.”

US Attorney General Eric Holder has strongly defended the FBI undercover operations as “essential in fighting terrorism.”

“These operations are conducted with extraordinary care and precision, ensuring that law enforcement officials are accountable for the steps they take -– and that suspects are neither entrapped nor denied legal protections,” Holder said July 8 during a visit to Norway.

The HRW report, however, cites the case of four Muslim converts from Newburgh, New York who were accused of planning to blow up synagogues and attack a US military base.

A judge in that case “said the government ‘came up with the crime, provided the means, and removed all relevant obstacles,’ and had, in the process, made a terrorist out of a man ‘whose buffoonery is positively Shakespearean in scope,’” the report said.

The rights group charged that the FBI often targets vulnerable people, with mental problems or low intelligence.

It pointed to the case of Rezwan Ferdaus, who was sentenced to 17 years in prison at age 27 for wanting to attack the Pentagon and Congress with mini-drones loaded with explosives.

An FBI agent told Ferdaus’ father that his son “obviously” had mental health problems, the report said. But that didn’t stop an undercover agent from conceiving the plot in its entirety, it said.

“The US government should stop treating American Muslims as terrorists-in-waiting,” the report concluded.

Mike German, a former FBI agent now with the Brennan Center, said FBI counterterrorism excesses were a source of concern — “concerns that they both violate privacy and civil liberties, and aren’t effective in addressing real threats.”

But JM Berger, a national security expert, said law enforcement faces a dilemma: it can’t just ignore tips or reports about people talking about wanting to commit a terrorist action or seeking support for one.

“The question is how to sort out which cases merit investigation and which do not,” he said.



Nicki Minaj speaking the truth on twitter about racism (7/23/14)

You know damn well she’s talking about Iggy Azalea and her troop of white rappers.




Jessica Williams speaks with Sgt. Jasmine Jacobs about Army regulation AR 670-1

Jessica Williams and Travon (one of the staff writers) do it again!

This is why white women can’t be in the natural hair movement